Kelli M. Coleman

Founder/CEO, KMColeman Group
Founder, She Who Dares

Kelli Coleman Kelli Coleman is an award-winning marketer, advertising executive, and expert in consumer connection turned serial entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and speaker. Kelli’s calling is to empower women and she has applied her experience and acumen to advising and investing in businesses created for or built by women via her ventures company KMColeman Group. Additionally, Kelli is the founder of She Who Dares, an initiative created to empower women by highlighting the importance of personal development and the power in harnessing vulnerability to reach one’s full potential.

Coleman began her marketing and advertising career at GlobalHue- the nation’s largest minority-owned, full-service marketing communications agency- as an executive management trainee and rose through the ranks by successfully meeting the demands of various roles, eventually attaining the position of Executive Vice President. During Kelli Coleman's tenure, GlobalHue experienced five consecutive years of year-over-year growth and managed campaigns for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world, including Walmart, FCA North America – formerly Chrysler LLC, Coca-Cola and Verizon Communications.

As an entrepreneur, Kelli has either launched or invested in five ventures across beauty, tech, and consumer services. With a gift for connecting and encouraging through speaking, Kelli often engages audiences on topics including entrepreneurship, female leadership, personal development and self-care, marketing and advertising trends, branding, and business development.

Kelli has been recognized for her results-driven leadership approach, which has led to a number of accolades and honors, including the AdAge 2012 "Women to Watch" list, the Women in Business Award from NV Magazine, the Black Enterprise "Top Women Executives in Advertising & Marketing" list, and the distinct privilege of being selected to interview Oprah amongst only nine other women for the tenth anniversary issue of O Magazine.

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So often, women are faced with challenges that call our confidence, self-worth, and will into question. We are working hard to get ahead, lead well-balanced lives, and make loved ones proud. However, we often fail to realize that it truly all begins with us - by looking inward. Our self-awareness, inner peace, and dedication to living as our best selves directly correlate to our success. Essentially, the 'inner' work is what will determine the 'outer' success.

Kelli has been on this journey and wants to share what she's learned with other like-minded women.

She Who Dares speaks to the extraordinary side in every woman and dares them to live fully.


'She Who Dares' combines the informative tone of a TED Talk with the enriching and empowering voice of a 'Super Soul Sunday.' The talks are for 30-minute durations, inclusive of key takeaways and a call to action. Additionally, Q&A is encouraged as engagement and conversation is critical to the effectiveness of 'She Who Dares.'


'She Who Dares' is ideal for women 18-35, with a sweet spot of 25-30. The ideal attendee has a desire for personal and professional growth, and aspires to identify her unique purpose. 'She Who Dares' will help audiences realize a purpose-driven way of navigating their lives.


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Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network (WEEN)

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